Selasa, 12 Mei 2009

Mario Teguh

Believe that most of us have known with this motivator Mario Teguh, the inspiring man whose face is always seen on TV. He also has a business, the main business is consultant of effectiveness.

Mario Teguh is one of my idols. He gots married to Ibu Linna on Jan' 28,2003 and blessed with 2 children.

As a motivator Pak Mario is far from over esteemed person and his attitude is very calm, cool, and his face also full with smile, these are able to make who ever sees him feel good.

Below are the samples of the tips from Pak Mario Teguh, I hope these can be motivation the spirit for us who want to be a succesfull.

  • Our Task is not being a succesfull task is to try, becouse in trying we will find and learn how to build the opportunity for a success.
  • You are only close with one you like, frequently, you avoid some one which you don't like, where as from him / her you will know a new point of view.
  • One who stop studying, will be a owner of the past period, one who still continue studying will inherit the future.
  • Please leave the happiness which will stop your bright achievement, and be careful, because, the happiness is the fun way to go to the failure.
  • The skill of doing come from doing.
Tulisan ini di ambil dari Kursus Bahasa Inggris di Mesjid Al Mukhlisin

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uland mengatakan...

buat mario teguh...
nasehat & petuah2nya sangat berguna..
terima ksih.... mengatakan...

Mario Teguh.........
the best motivator in Indonesia

djrumala mengatakan...

Yeah the best motivator here!