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Kamis, 16 Juli 2009

Classical Soto Ayam in english

Classical Soto Ayam
Portion: 6 People
Soto Ayam classic recipe, sauce, and consists of content (1:1 / 2) form shredded chicken, boiled eggs, and vegetables: beans prouf, celery. The Complement are fried potato puree, fried onions, sauce and sambal.
1.5 liter water
1 tail (800 g) of fat free-range chicken, cut the 8
3 tbsp vegetable oil
Stem leaves 2 onions, sliced crosswise 1 cm
1 stem Serai, take the white part, bruised
2 pieces of rough-skinned citrus leaves

To Grind ground (stir fry without oil)
6 cloves garlic
3 candlenuts roasted
sangrai 2 cm turmeric, roasted
1 cm fresh ginger
1 / 2 tsp pepper grain, roasted
1 tsp salt

Ingredients :
150 g beans prouf, clean, soak in boiling water and drain
100 g glass noodle, soak in hot water until smooth, drain, cut into pieces
2 chicken eggs, boiled, cut into pieces
1 stem celery, finely sliced
1 tbsp fried garlic
2 tbsp red onion

Supplement :
Fried Potatos puree
Steamed chilly
citrus fruit cut into pieces
sweet soy sauce

How to Make it :
- Boil the chicken on the small fire until tender. Put a side
- Heat oil, saute the spices, until smells good.
- Add spring onion, lemongrass, and orange leaves. Stir until withered done stir to languish Lift.
- Pour in the chicken stew. Cook back on the small fire until the flavor permeate.
- Drain the chicken, shred it, put a side. Measure the chicken broth as much as 1250 ml and boil again.
- Serve: In the food bowl, put beans prout, glass noodle, shreded chicken, and eggs. Add the boiled, broth, celery, garlic fries, and fried onion.

Serve warm with its supplement

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KIT PES mengatakan...

EmMMM. . .Yummy!!!!

bizniz1milyar mengatakan...

Yummy aih yammy. Tapi kok mirip blognya Mama2. Harusnya khan Anak muda taunya cuma MAKAN :P

dedahzubed mengatakan...

hahahah dasar anak muda ada aja siiip deh ...

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Mh...yummy yummy/...
Mau bkin resto?dapetin modal gampang kog,,bisa sambil tiduran,modal ngalir sendiri!

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mantap BRo Blog nya....
gmn cra biar dpt pengunjung banyak...

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blognya bagus, membangun,,
sebagai anak muda yang klreatif,,,