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Jumat, 09 November 2007

Behind the making of blog anak muda

Behind the making of

First let me introduce my self my name is Mochammad Irvan as web producing and Video Editor on

Second please introduce my camera man his name is Bobbie , he has work as camera man in otomotif TV, Padi Film and image media. He is one of a potensial cameraman in Indonesia (lucky we got it). Do you need a documentation, clip video program etc just call me

And the last is Ara he is the promotion and development this blog, he still college in Bina Sarana Informatika in broadcasting faculty, here ages is still young just 19 years but he has got many experiences work. As a staff production on maxima advertising, Technical Sales on Makarizo, marketing sales on Kompas gramedia group, etc.

I hope all the project can be done with succeed please god give them courage and a brave soul

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